After-sales service

micro security door company in the industry created a "green channel" service, all users can enjoy:
immediate response: round-the-clock telephone hotline support, 4 hour response, available 48 hours.

January baohuan: users purchase products within a month, product quality problems, identified by the Technical Department of the company is true, replace will be provided.
a two-year warranty: users with the warranty form, purchased product for two years, can enjoy free warranty service provided by the company.
maintenance of life: our company to provide users with technical advice, technical training, product upgrades and other services.
periodic inspection: users purchase products, the company will arrange the technician on-site inspection on a regular basis, make sure that the device is running well.
tailoring: according to the user's particular circumstances and require a separate design and production

Contacts us

Phone: 0731-6409681

Fax: 1804231331