Train station gate theory of knowledge

Security doors is a personnel detection devices with and without carrying metal objects, also known as metal detectors. Mainly used in airport, station, for conferences, such a large public places used to check people who physically hidden metal objects, such as Qiang|, it tube | |DAO| and so on. When inspectors from the security doors through, people carry more metal than on the body depending on the weight, quantity, or when shapes are predefined parameter values, security door immediately called | police, and displays the location where the metal caused alarm, security personnel found that people carrying metal objects in a timely manner.
    train station security doors-like principle of sinusoidal oscillations produced by Crystal 3.5-4.95M, crossover frequency 7.8K sine wave, transistor power amplifier with the coil after the door panel (area 7) large coils of electromagnetic emission, 1-6 district receiving coil separately by the door. After receiving compares the received signal and the reference signal and found changes, change capture card output level, CPU 300 milliseconds to scan the 6 regional acquisition card data, determine the location where the metal and the output displayed.
train station security doors are:
1, door structure: 1 large coil, 6 small coils, coils and graphite components of compensation.
security gate when the probe, chassis structure workflow: CPU detection → set capture card data for detecting infrared blocked → → change | reset → IR → detect another group of police detection again. BACK
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