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Forbes magazine   all due respect "China will build 82 does not need the new airport". ,&Nbsp; 's profitability is one of the core problems of the new airport. Airport construction boom cover   cover the fact that the majority of China's airports are losing money. According to   civil aviation authority data, 2011 182 existing airports in China, there are about   130 is a loss.
    in Director Eric LI's view, the airport is losing, because China's metal detectors at the airport too little rather than too much, lack of scale between the airport cannot be   into "the network effect". He gave all 12 regional airport in Yunnan province   profitable cases, believes that if the traffic can support building a   network of airports is logical. He used "plant trees" metaphor to describe this situation: a tree likely to die, while a forest is easier to each other   support to survive. "Once the airport number scale, air travel will   very convenient, visitors also will lower the ticket prices. "He said.   Another aspect of China's sustained economic growth has also supported increased   airport construction investment point of view. China's per capita GDP rose from $ 1000  in 2004 to $ 3700 only 5 of the 2009 year,   2012 China's per capita GDP has reached us $ 6100. With per-capita   of GDP growth, consumer skills will make air travel from high-end consumer   evolution began to mass consumption. Building more airports to enhance aviation network   network coverage helps release the potential spending power of, the resulting need to   T2  Terminal of Tianjin Binhai international airport had 2013  year May seal surrounding, and   is expected in 2014,   will meet   travel demand 25 million -5000  million passengers each year. Local Government hope the expansion will change the past Tianjin airport flight route density enough, compared with the nearby Beijing Capital International Airport   problem of lack of competitiveness.
      in September this year, officially inaugurated the Inagi Aden airport is China's latest transport   business airport, is also the current world   world's highest commercial airport. Opened Chengdu route to 2 for 1 hours of flight time. Local Government hopes   airport after the navigation, formation and the regional airport, panzhihua in Yunnan Shangri-La's link, brand and share Tibetan culture and tourism resources.   2008 completion of the expansion of Beijing Capital International   airport phase successfully completed games   heavy transport tasks, but only   only 4 years later, it had already approached the security door limit the throughput capacity, forcing North   construction of the second Beijing airport stepped up on the agenda. As the most northerly airport MoHE airport built from   has been in the Red since-  State. Completion of,  airport, but local authorities believe led to the growth of tourism, so as to   Airport bringing adequate compensation of losses. Luogang airport in 2012 travel   path throughput of more than 5 million passengers. Airport, a project of the new bridge designed annual passenger handling capacity of 11 million passengers. 203 is expected to achieve throughput of 42 million people.   With 062 CIVILAIRPORT//[focus focus]Focus  strive for growth, will become an important driving force for the development of the airport. In fact, many airport construction programme is based on increased optimism on the economy, to   and the desire of local economy. This also explains why   regional airports across the country generally could not make a profit under the current situation of local government   so happily for the construction of the new airport.   According to one study, want to achieve, and the throughput of each airport must achieve at least 1 million visitors a year. For like Beijing, and Shanghai, and Guangzhou   such of big city for, this fundamental not problem, but for extension airport for, airport more like is a seat city of based facilities, despite itself by   Chai benefits poor, but is on place economic has potential of upgrade with-airport investment not only can pull economic growth, also can reached improved investment   environment, and investment introduction funding of purpose. According to Li Xiaojin research, investment in the airport can bring 8 times earnings for the local economy. MoHE is a good example. This small city in Heilongjiang province, close to the Sino-Soviet border to ice and Aurora are known, but local tourism has been faltering due to lack of airport. In 2008, with the first airport was built. Tourists from all over the country came. "Local officials told me that now more government revenue than last year. "Li Xiaojin said. BACK
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