Security precautions for use

, The security doors are electronic products, suitable for indoor use only, and cannot be installed in the open air, as does need to be installed in an outdoor, should be attached to canopy, rain-proof facilities ensure that the probe is not in hot, humid conditions.
II, security door within 2 meters around there should be no large magnetic metal objects, so as to avoid security gate's own magnetic field causing interference.
three installation site as possible from the instrument more occasions to avoid co-channel interference.
four and test personnel should be lined up one by one by adoption, not crowded, not adopted by two people, avoid interfere with infrared sensors around the gate.
five, were seized through the security door must be found before you can take out all come with all metal (such as keys, cell phones, cigarette cases, watches, cell phones, coins), and then adopted, after making sure that no alarm the next person to be adopted.
six, and as confirmed itself metal objects all took out Hou through security door Shi also will alarm, then may exists is we people body by carry of some we see not to of contains metal material of items, (as jeans Shang of buttons, ladies with of lines chest, Hairpin,), then available handheld type metal detector for detection, as no other metal on can through.
seven, remember being detected in the collision detection in the process not to beat and equipment, so as not to cause security false alarms, even corrupt.
when he was eight, if there is dirt dust, Scrub gently with a cloth moistened with water or alcohol, not directly with water or other chemical solvent flushing.
, machines with high pressure, non-professionals are not allowed to open, prevent other accidents. BACK
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