Detection of King AT-III e

Detection of King AT-III e

function introduction

1, precision: maximum sensitivity is in the middle of the door can detect a PIN (or 1/2) back to the needle, can go 100 times and 100 times, and will not fail and crossfire. You can also exclude influence of belt buckles, leather shoes, BRA, detected more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals or knives and guns.
2, eight regional shows: national exclusive location display 8, the product is divided into eight zones, suspicious objects can be displayed accurately in each region.
3, the number of statistics: number and alarm can be detected by the number, or 100 people 100 people-no more meters or less.
 4, shock-proof design: standing in the middle of the door, side door with his hand, there will not be any false positives.
5, adjust sensitivity: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the needs, a total of 200-level sensitivity.
6, door material: outer PVC, and foreign brands of materials and shapes are exactly the same, beautiful, generous, fire-proof, moisture-proof.
7, four post lamps: post sided with four rows of LED lights, can directly display the alarm location, sound and light alarm simultaneously.
8, panel displays: front-panel LCD (LCD) display, English menu, built in other places at the recommended sensitivity setting value, one-click buttons, such as electronics factory, select electronics factory, where all parameters are electronics factory parameters, installation and operation easier.
9, you can use remote control to control the parameters. Parameters can be protected with a password so that unauthorized personnel cannot operate.

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