XTA-D type

XTA-D type

maximum sensitivity is in the middle of the door can detect a PIN (or 1/2) back to the needle, can go 100 times and 100 times, and will not fail and crossfire. Also can in excluded belt buckle, and shoes, and BRA of effect, detection to 150 grams above of copper, and aluminum, and zinc, metal or control tool and; high brightness LCD LCD indicates Board displayed through number, and alarm times and parameter of adjustment, more luxury beautiful generous; has in the English menu, built-in variety places recommended sensitivity set numerical, a key type button, like electronic factory using, select electronic factory, its all parameter is electronic factory parameter, installation and operation more simple; 6 a detection regional are can according to user need, For 200 level sensitivity adjustment; global leading seismic moving design: station in door of middle with hand took sides door, door not errors reported, other brand security door (including abroad) door once by earthquake on began alarm, until vibration end; advanced of digital pulse technology, interactive launches and received, accurate judge metal items where regional, and can intuitive to through four side LED door column lamp displayed prohibited items where of regional, perspective can up 360 °; for various using environment of electromagnetic interference, Whole system used has world advanced of electromagnetic compatible design, and using DSP processor on prohibited items of sampling signal for related operation and filter, to makes package equipment has very strong of electromagnetic anti-interference capacity;

1, and built-in intelligent chip, store has variety places recommended detection sensitivity set numerical, a key type button including electronic factory, and hardware factory, and cable factory, and airport security, and Stadium, and entertainment field,, for example electronic factory using, select "electronic factory", its all parameter is electronic factory of parameter , Out convenient, makes regulation more shortcut, effective;

2, and door double side two on infrared on shot scan, quickly capture induction signal and automatically statistics through number, can put an end to human through Shi for induction lag caused of detection errors, reset speed very fast, statistics number more accurate, through 100 people meter 100 people, alarm 100 times meter 100 times, not more meter or less meter;

3, and can more Taiwan equipment side-by-side adjacent work Shi, non interference;

4, and Security door work parameter can through remote control free set (through password protection Hou), adapted various environment Xia detection precision of need;

5, and reserved communications interface, can and computer, and camera, and three roll, connection, connection computer Hou at any time monitoring, and statistics detection situation, for example alarm times, and time, and through number,, and can through computer directly adjustment security door parameter; 6, and sound light while alarm way, more easy recognition, alarm time length can adjustable;

7, and Door body material surface wear, and resistance corrosion, and waterproof, and moisture and fire, and not deformation;

8, and on heart up Bo device wearing who, and pregnant women, and magnetic media, harmless;

"technology parameter" 1, and add-ins power: 220V 50/60Hz

2, and power: 35W

 3, and work environment:-20 ° c-the 45 ° c

4, and transport weight: about 95kg

5, and Working frequency: adjusts itself according to the installation environment

6, total weight: about 90kg

7, size: (mm) 2220 (high) x 820 (w) x 522 (d)

8, channel size (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (w) x 522 (d) "technical standard" a ". Electrical safety standard EN60950. B. EN50081--1 radiation reference standards. C. Interference in the light EN50082--1 implementation. D. Enforcement of current through a metal detector standards

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